I am a reprehensibly poor praying person. Perhaps that statement isn’t strong enough. But, you get the idea. I don’t pray in a holy enough fashion, consistently enough, or with power or verve or nerve. Maybe if I just had the stuff the Oracle at Delphi had…

Yet, there I stood: in the Student Lounge at the campus of Jerusalem University College, with 15+ pairs of eyes/ears watching and listening to me as I led them in prayer. I am not qualified to do this job. And yet, I am fully equipped to do this job.

I stand on the shoulders of better men and women of The Faith who have gone before me. Those who knew God, in ways that I can merely deign to dream about, have passed on to me their wisdom, their reflections, their joy and hope in the Risen Christ. They are showing me how to pray.

They have written it down for posterity. You can find their prayers in various, traditional and liturgical prayer books. Their prayers are supersaturated with Holy Scripture, surrounding and penetrating the very marrow of their words to God. When they offer words of their own, I can picture them labouring and straining over their prayers, seeking in great travail to properly offer a true sacrifice of prayer, honour and glory to The Living One.

It is an ostentatious and sumptuous feast: it fills the room with the odour of incense, rising up to heaven; a pleasing aroma. It lingers in your nostrils long after having completed the prayers…it dances along your palate: succulent and scandalously sumptuous. It draws us into savouring The Presence. It calls us to sit in silent reverence in the Dark Space and to peer into the Thinness that surrounds us in order to catch a glimpse that Heaven is here; now.

We are, indeed, surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. Some of them have left us an inheritance; a heritage. A priceless Trust Fund. They, who waltzed in company with the Angels and were closer than family with The Ancient of Days, have left lesser men, such as myself, their Life in Christ, written down, a Great Banquet Feast and a Guide.

It is the Fellowship of the Saints.

For that, and on behalf of my little flock, I give The Good Shepherd thanks.



~ by eikonministries on September 6, 2012.

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