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(The last episode in a ‘Thinking Out Loud’ series)


Memory. The Land echoes with Deep Memory. It has seen civilisations, peoples, empires and wars come and go. It continues to do so. It has seen much, heard much, and been subjected to more.

It remembers. It anamnetes.

Witness. The Land bears testimony to its history, reminding all who come to its shores of the great sagas and epics that have traversed its hills and valleys. It is still the map of the Greatest Saga, whose final chapters are still unfolding upon other shores.

Liminality. It is a thin place: squeezed between a sea of water and sea of sand. And, of course, it is a Thin Place. A portal between Seen and Unseen. It has borne witness to the visitations of angels and Visitors. It has seen the Great Visitation. It has interred the Bread of Heaven and soaked up the Fruit of the Vine.

It anamnetes. It testifies to what happened.

Moulding. The Land moulds and shapes. Individuals, tribes, nations. Bodies, minds, spirits. Prophets, priests, kings. Storytellers and Saviours. It gives colour to parables and meaning to the mysterious. It is the canvas of the Story of Redemption. It continues to shape and mould messengers, storytellers, prophets and priests. Believers.

Centre. It is the Source. The beginning point for shaped and moulded apostles and messengers. From the Land, the People of God have gone forth, testifying to uttermost parts of the earth.

Renewal. The Land calls out and beckons for a return. ‘Return to the Source. Come and anamnete. Be moulded and shaped. Be broken upon its rocks, mountains, valleys and plains. Be torn upon its trees, thorns and thistles. Be hardened for the Journey by the scorching hot and bone-chilling cold. Be prepared to be the People of God.’

Resurrection. The Land was broken. The Risen Christ could not be contained. The People of God were resurrected too: restored to New Life and sent out.

The Land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Land that is the Undoing of the souls of men and women. The Land through which they are Remade and in which they are Resurrected and from which they proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven and the Reign of the Most High.

It is the Land of Anamnesis.

It was an ordinary Land. Now made extraordinary by the Feet that Trod upon it. Those Feet, in sanctifying an ordinary land, have sanctified all Land. The Earth is the Lord’s and all it contains.

We all have Sanctified Land.

But, there is one Land of Anamnesis.

A Land of Expectation and Hope. Awaiting the Final Great Visitation.

‘He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end.’

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