The Move

Dawn: Curt Gowdy St. Park, WY

Dawn: Curt Gowdy St. Park, WY

The trip from Oklahoma went off w/o a hitch. Involved were four camping days, lots of scenic driving, lots of not-so-scenic driving, and being rather impressed with my 16 year old Isuzu pickup. Eastern Wyoming is beautiful. So is western Oregon. Everything in between? It’s ok. No offense though…

My biggest impression is, actually, how vast the U.S. is. Israel is tiny, tight, and most of its distances are vertical: lots of mountains w/steep, narrow valleys. Being in the Plains and the West is a shock: broad, open, and endless. In Israel, even poor farmland is at a premium. Here, we’re literally drowning in some of the best farmland in the world. This means we are a phenomenally wealthy country. It is truly staggering.

On a vaguely related note, in our new backyard is a plum tree. They are falling off the tree in droves. I’ve seen them for sale for around $1.50/lb. I eat them for free.


~ by eikonministries on September 7, 2009.

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